Waterfalls of Edessa

In the past the waterfalls of Edessa were different from what they are now. Until the end of the 14th century the main volume of the water was held in a small lake west of the town. A geologic or weather phenomenon caused the water to cross the town and fall from a rock and thus, create many small rivers. In 1942 the Germans saw this place as a recreation area and a tourist attraction and constructed two swimming pools and some flower beds. Each morning Gestapo sergeant Fritz blocked the passage and took the identification cards of passersby. In order to get them back, they were required to go through the construction site of the waterfalls. After the war this place was given to the municipality but when the civil war broke out the waterfalls were temporarily forgotten or only used by the farmers of Loggos village. In 1953 a restaurant was founded there which functioned as an entertainment center as people could dance and listen to music too. Today the waterfalls are a famous landmark of Greece and are known worldwide. Two of the most famous sights are Karano Waterfall which is about 70 meters high and also the cave under the rock.