Since 2018 Sidiropoulos SA is also active in car rentals. Specifically, its offices operate at the company's headquarters in the 4th km of Skydra-Aridaia. Our customers can also pick up their vehicle from Thessaloniki to ensure their excellent and prompt service. There is a rich variety of economical cars, polymorphic cars, 4x4 rentals that meet all the standards and quality standards to make you feel safe as passengers. In addition, we provide solutions for car hire in order to meet the needs and requirements of all our customers.

In RENTONE, you can rent a car and buy a car. We also provide our services to both individuals and companies. We are able to satisfy every need that arises throughout the lease, having professional drivers and trusted partners in our staff.

Finally, at RENTONE, we believe that we are the best choice in the area of ​​car rental as our goal is your quality service at the best prices on the market! We are waiting for you to start your tour in Greece and let us take care of all the details in order to have comfortable, relaxed, safe and carefree routes.

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